XenoBlooms NFT Collection

A collection of 500 unique algorithmically generated flowers minted on the solana blockchain.

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This collection of 500 NFT's is the first of my productions in this space, I will keep building and creating new innovative generative visualizations. Holders of this collection will forever be eligible for airdrops from my future collections.

Metaverse and AR ready

3d files will be released to holders of XenoBlooms that will be ready to be brought into a variety of metaverse and AR platforms.

Each flower has a unique set of geometric characteristics

There are ~20 different randomized inputs that determine the shape and appearance of each flower. 6 traits with the most impact on the resulting flower have been included in metadata, but not all aspects are captured by these 6 traits.

500 unique NFTs

Traits Explained


Each flower can have from 3 to16 petals.

Height A

...refers to the height of the middle arch of the petals, which translates to a sort of thickness of each petal. Range 0.5-3.5

Height B

...refers to the height of the tips of the petals. Range 2-6


The tips of the petals can be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise around the vertical axis of the flower. Range -30-30


...refers to the distance the base of the flower has moved from the center.


There are 13 different color profiles, each color profile varies between 2 similar types throughout the collection.

XenoBlooms Creator



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